"Ripples of a cataclysm..."

Created by Abi on 10/02/2016
I noticed in today's paper Guardian, the article entitled "Ripples of a cataclysm expected to confirm Einstein's predictions". It's all part of the gravitational waves discussion which is ongoing at the moment, although far over my non-scientific head!
It reminded me that, a couple of days before he died, my last conversation with Felix, involved black holes...
The nurse had just given Felix an intravenous painkiller, and after just five minutes he wanted to know why it hadn't worked.
I pointed out that it was too soon and that, because he was not doing anything but waiting for it, time was going very slowly and five minutes seemed much longer than it usually would: in fact time itself was distorted.
He gave a very characteristic grin, closed his eyes and said "Just like at the edge of a black hole..." !