Jim Hanlon tribute

Created by Simon on 23/02/2016
This tribute was written by Felix's neighbour, Jim Hanlon.

Felix moved into Siddons in 1976. So he lived on our estate for 39 years.

Ours is not one of those places where people don’t know their neighbours. We are very much a community, and Felix was very much part of the community.

He was one of the residents who started the Residents’ Association, and helped write the Constitution. He was an active committee member for a number of years. Usually sharing Chair/Secretary with Sydney Sharpe.

In 1980/1 one of the residents was flooded several times because of a leaking roof. After a few botched efforts the council workmen finally managed to fix it properly. This was because of the pressure put on them by a number of residents. It was before my time but I have been told by a number of residents who were here at the time that Felix played a big part in this.

Apart from the roof they forced the Council to make other structural improvements.

Felix was a socialist and he had a special regard for the working class. But Felix helped many residents regardless of class or anything else. He certainly helped me.

There were no strings to the help Felix gave. The only motivation was whatever satisfaction he gave him to help people.

Felix was a people person, and living in a community was very important to him. Home is where the heart is, and Felix’s heart was in Siddons/Stirling. And I know that in some positive way Felix will always be part of Siddons/Stirling.